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Pre-Made Online Branding Launch Kit
Tiny Crowd Pre-Made Online Branding Launch Kit
Pre-Made Online Branding Launch Kit
Launch your business with style by choosing a selection of unique and professionally designed (already done-for-you) branding kits. Look ultra professional at an amazing affordable price.
The Pre-Made Branding Kit DESIGNS:
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EACH Pre-Made Branding Kit includes:
1 x Logo Design
You’ll get a customise logo by providing your brand name and preferred logo colour so you can be unique with a recognisable brand mark in your market place.
You’ll get a signature colour palette so you can easily create graphics after you launch and know the exact colours to use so you can have consistent branding across all your marketing.
If you already have a signature colour palette you want to stick too, no problems! Let us know your brand colours and we’ll update the graphics to those colours.
2 x instagram QUOTE templates
You’ll get my social media templates so you can update your content on your social media without having to create them from scratch.
You’ll get a brand styleguide so you can maintain your brand with ease and know your brand will be consistent across all your marketing; not only once you launch but you will be able to  easily hand it over to other team members to create branded content.
Being unique in a competitive market is so important which is why our branding templates are one-off and are not re-sold.  

If you want to launch or refresh your brand and begin the year with a bang, this is your chance! 
Each branding kit is a one-off design so once it’s gone, they’re gone. I always operate on a first come, first served basis to make it fair for all.

Who Is This For?
  •  If you are a consultant/business just starting out with small budgets
  •  If you are in the early stage of business and refining who your customers and what your service and product offerings are
  •  If you want a professional look, but can’t afford the whole shebang
  •  If you want to find a way to work with a professional graphic designer rather than try and do-it-yourself (because branding is important to you) and you’d rather work on what you love!
Brand Your Start-Up Business With A Pre-Made Kit So You Can Have More Time, Save Money & You Don’t Have To Do-It-Yourself.
Hi, I’m Su-Ann Len – Founder of Tiny Crowd and I'm a graphic designer specialising in logo and branding. I help build memorable brands across areas like the digital and social space, retail space and also branded marketing material. 

I’m passionate to help entrepreneurs start up; choosing to niche with established business meant my services were out of reach for someone just starting out. I would feel terrible when a potential client reached out and I wasn’t able to help them. 

I’ve struggled with turning away entrepreneurs starting out for a while, debating with myself about offering more packages. So I had a lightbulb moment realising… why couldn’t I offer pre-made branding kits for way less than a custom design? You still get a quality product and I’m able to help way more people at different stages of their business. 

I want to help reduce the risks for start-ups by creating unique (already done-for-you) branding kits so you can see how your logo and branding will look before you make a purchase AND without the custom design price tag. 

I hope you like these branding kits and you’re able to find one that matches your brand vision. I’d love these kits to be the start of your brand journey so we can work together and make it uniquely yours! 
x Su-Ann
"I am now perceived as a serious Australian brand"
My brand didn’t match my product which was the turning point to make the decision to review the entire brand. 

Tiny Crowd’s process and communication were excellent and they understood the brief perfectly. Incredible actually, especially as I was overseas.
Libby Thomson
" They make you feel like you are their only client"
The templates Tiny Crowd created has provided the base plate for our digital advertising, social media processes and a more efficient and engaging result. Even though they work across various industries and with several organisations, they make you feel like you are their only client.

Meray Azar
"They have made it their mission to understand our business"
The team at the OCRF have worked with Tiny Crowd for some time now for all our digital and creative marketing needs and couldn’t be happier with the results. 

We are fortunate to have their expertise and support on hand.

Jane Strangman
Launching your business in style is only one click away…